65.365 || Cream Pan

March 1
Tustin, CA


We’ve heard about this Cream Pan place for a long time.
So we decided to stop by there on our way to my parents’ house for brunch
to pick up some of their signature strawberry croissants.
This place is amazing!
There was a line out the door, but they move everyone through pretty quickly,
and it was worth the wait!
We will definitely be returning.

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64.365 || Clear Skies

February 28
Laguna Hills, CA


I was supposed to go skydiving today.
We watched the weather forecast all week, and it was calling for rain all weekend.
So we cancelled the jump.
And it ended up being a pretty nice day….
Oh well, we rescheduled for March 21! Can’t wait!

63.365 || Strickland’s

February 27
Irvine, CA


After living in the Midwest, I fell in love with frozen custard.
We don’t have many places in Southern California that have it,
and I finally found a place that has delicious frozen custard just the way I like it!
Yay Strickland’s!

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62.365 || Love

February 26
Laguna Woods, CA


The Beard… He’s just full of surprises.
Spent last night in the emergency room, stayed home from work,
and still managed to have flowers snuck into the office for me.
He even arranged those himself!
I sure do love that guy….


61.365 || Late Night

February 25
Laguna Hills, CA


Rough night in the emergency room.
Yes, The Beard is okay – it’s not appendicitis!


60.365 || Brinner

February 24
Laguna Hills, CA


What happens for dinner when The Beard (my personal chef) is sick…
Could be worse!


59.365 || Miss Molly

February 23
Laguna Hills, CA


That face!

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58.365 || Rainy Day View

February 22
Laguna Hills, CA


Even when it’s raining, I love the view from my patio.

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57.365 || Wish

February 21
San Clemente, CA


Celebrated Josh’s birthday at Pizza Port today with pizza, beer, and games.
Happy Birthday, Josh!!!

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56.365 || Sashimi

February 20
Aliso Viejo, CA


Sushi date with The Beard.

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